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Kasey Smith, RMFTI

Kasey Smith Jacksonville Beach

Kasey Smith is a compassionate mental health counselor with 14 years of experience working as a school counselor and therapist in elementary and middle schools in St Johns and Duval County.  In addition to her work in the school system, Kasey has also worked as a therapist for the foster care system. She has a deep passion for working with children from split homes, as well as families and children who have been involved in foster care or adoption.


Kasey's approach to therapy is solution-focused, optimistic, clear, direct, and non-judgmental. She believes that therapy should be a collaborative process, where clients are empowered to take an active role in their own healing and growth. Her use of solution-focused therapy techniques helps clients to identify their strengths and build on them, while also developing practical strategies for overcoming challenges.


Kasey is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and family therapy.  When working with children, she incorporates play and art therapy techniques into her work. Her creative approach to therapy allows children to express themselves in ways that feel comfortable and natural, while also providing opportunities for deeper exploration and understanding.

As a co-parent of three children herself, Kasey understands the unique challenges facing families and is passionate about helping parents navigate the ups and downs of co-parenting. Her non-judgmental and compassionate approach helps families build stronger relationships and develop more effective communication skills.


Above all, Kasey is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for her clients. Whether working with children, families, or individuals, she is dedicated to helping them build the skills and resilience they need to thrive.

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