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Book with Kasey

$125 per session

CBT, Play, Art

Kids, Teens, Adults 

Behavioral Issues, Anxiety, Family


Book with Erin

$150 per session


Teens, Adults

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, ADHD, Addiction, Family


Book with Lisa

$150 per session



Teens, Adults, Elderly

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Severe Mental Illness

Selina Beenen

Book with Selina

$200 per session


Adults, Elderly, Couples

Trauma, PTSD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety

New Client Phone Consultation

Get ready to chat away your worries with a free 15-minute phone consultation with the therapist of your choice! This quick call gives you a chance to connect with your therapist, ask questions, and get a feel for how they work. It's a great way to see if you're a good fit and feel more comfortable before diving into full sessions. Plus, it's totally free and can help you take that first step towards feeling better. So why wait? Schedule your chat today and get ready to start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!

EMDR Session

An EMDR session is like a mental spring cleaning! You work with your therapist to unlock and process old memories or traumas, using eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation. It's a bit like hitting the reset button on your brain, helping you see things in a new light and let go of past hurts. Each session is a step toward healing, leaving you feeling lighter and more in control of your emotions. Think of it as decluttering your mind, making room for a brighter, more peaceful future!

Family/Group Session

Family and group therapy are like a support circle with your closest allies! Whether with family members or a group of peers facing similar challenges, you come together with a therapist to explore dynamics, share experiences, and build stronger connections. It's a bit like a group brainstorming session, where everyone contributes ideas and perspectives to solve shared problems. Each session is an opportunity to learn from each other, improve communication, and strengthen relationships. Think of it as a team huddle, where everyone works together to support and uplift each other, creating a stronger, more resilient group!

Video Call Session

Step into the comfort of your own space and experience the convenience of a therapy session via telehealth! With just a click, you can connect with your therapist from wherever you feel most at ease. Whether you're snuggled up on the couch or sipping tea at your kitchen table, telehealth therapy brings support right to you. It's a flexible option that saves you time and travel, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your well-being. So, get ready to relax and open up in a virtual space designed for your comfort and convenience.

Initial Assessment for New Clients

The intake session is like the grand opening of a treasure chest! It's your first meeting with a therapist, where you'll chat about your life story, challenges, and goals. Think of it as a mental health check-up, where you and your therapist map out the adventure ahead. You'll explore what makes you tick and create a roadmap for your therapy journey. By the end, you'll feel like you've taken the first step on a path toward greater self-discovery and well-being!

Couples Counseling 

Couples counseling is like a team-building retreat for your relationship! You and your partner work with a therapist to strengthen your bond, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. It's a safe space to explore your feelings and perspectives, with the goal of deepening your connection and understanding of each other. Each session is a chance to learn new tools and strategies for building a strong, loving partnership, making your relationship more resilient and fulfilling. Think of it as an investment in your shared future, where you both grow stronger together!

Double Session

Double the therapy, double the benefits! A two-hour therapy session can offer you more time to delve into your thoughts, feelings, and goals. It allows for a deeper exploration of issues and provides a chance to work through challenges at a more relaxed pace. With extra time, you can also develop stronger rapport with your therapist, leading to more personalized and effective treatment. Plus, it's a great way to make the most of your time and effort in therapy, getting you closer to your desired outcomes sooner.

Individual Therapy

The follow-up session is like a cozy catch-up with a trusted friend—your therapist! It's where you revisit the roadmap you created together, checking in on your progress and exploring any new twists and turns in your journey. It's a chance to reflect on what's working, what's not, and adjust your course as needed. Each follow-up session is like adding another chapter to your story of growth and self-discovery, moving you closer to your goals and a happier, healthier you!

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